Picnic Party!

I have been following Zoella (Fashion and Beauty Vlogger, Youtuber and author) for a while now and I was very intrigued watching one of her videos titled ‘The Perfect Picnic Party’. Nothing draws my attention better than food, parties, picnics, and decorations and fun! So I decided to throw one myself, considering Zoella’s helpful tips, but also making it my own.

I planned a few weeks in advance. I recommend planning early as it allowed me more time to come up with ideas and I do tend to change my mind quite often! I used Pinterest as my go to site for looking at simple, easy recipes and DIY decorations. It’s also good to seek out different sources, images and ideas which will allow you to create a vision in your head of what the outcome will look like.

I knew my number one struggle was going to be money because being on a tight budget it was quite tricky but I’ve put together some tips that worked for me to help you stay within your budget and make your picnic planning painless and stress free:

  • Ask your guests to bring a plate of food (This is definitely an easier option, though I wanted to try my hand at making the food)
  • Have a helping hand (My amazing boyfriend, Darcy chipped in and helped me make all the delicious food)
  • Shop at Kmart (I spent about $60 there which may seem pricey to some but it got me all the party necessities, plastic cups, plates, cutlery, drink dispensers, all that jazz!)
  • Pick food which have minimal ingredients and which you could use as leftovers to make other food items (i.e. I bought a whole watermelon to make a watermelon punch. I had plenty of watermelon leftover so I used the leftover watermelon to make fruit kebabs).
  • Plan your shopping list beforehand (I went onto the Coles online shopping website and selected my foot items there, so then I could copy the list from my ‘trolley’ and know how much everything was going to cost before I went in store. I could’ve gone through with my order but I was too fussy with choosing that it got too late and we wanted to get everything the night before so we could start food prepping early the next day).
  • Buy cheap packets of food (I had a look at the specials for both Woolworths and Coles and we went to both and bought food such as a whole cooked chicken, hot food and dips and cheeses).

Decorations/set up

I had a red and green colour scheme so I had red and green decorations, as well as a ‘good vibes’ pillow which I used as a featured pillow to make my picnic… well… have good vibes! I found out closer to the date that my picnic was on St. Patricks Day so the splash of green worked in my favour! I made paper lanterns, they were not only so easy to make but they looked really cute and added to the whole set up. I didn’t bother putting lights in them as I felt I had enough light already (the bonus of having the picnic in my backyard).

I chose to have the picnic in my own backyard because it felt more homey and cosy and I could just turn on the backyard lights when it got dark, not to mention easy access to household facilities. I also bought some goodies from Typo including a Light Box where you could write your own personal quote/greeting, and twinkling watermelon lights, which I think looked so pretty!

I also had an idea that I found on Pinterest, to buy green cutlery and put them into pots so they looked like plants. I had three strawberry plants at the back which I bought for $2.99 each from Bunnings, and I had the cutlery at the front. Although no one ended up using the cutlery, they looked great just for display purposes!

I found some comfy blankets sitting around so I used them for people to sit on, and added a bunch of pillows for a finishing touch.

I forgot to invest in some table cloths so I used bamboo placements instead, which also came in handy for making sushi!!

Speaking of sushi, let’s talk about food!!

I spent about $90 on food and that was more than enough to feed 17 people, if not more. I took inspo from Poppy’s ice lollies and made lime cordial ice lollies with pieces of kiwi fruit. They ended up a bit on the sweet side but I blame Darcy as he made the cordial! I also really wanted to make a watermelon punch bowl. I made one alcohol and one non-alcoholic so the designated drivers could have some of it as well. I also made flavoured water which had cut up lemon and lime, and made ice blocks with the lime cordial that was left over from making the ice lollies.

I included a variety of different foods to suit everyone and their different tastes. I also made some vegan/vegetarian options and instead of making a chicken salad as planned, Darcy put the chicken separate so everyone could have the salad. Good boy!!

Darcy made the sushi which was a massive hit and was devoured pretty quickly. And to me, a party isn’t a party without good old fairy bread and that didn’t last long either!

We had a wide variety and food galore which filled up everyone’s hungry bellies satisfyingly and pretty quickly.

untitled-2149untitled-2162A couple of other essential items for a picnic are:

Music (My friend brought over a portable BlueTooth speaker. I downloaded Spotify on my phone and we listened to the current top hits all night long).

Games ( We played some drinking card games towards the end of the night after downing some vodka shots!).

Mozzie/bug spray (My feet and legs are currently covered in mozzie bites and are itching like mad!)

Seeming as the party started at 5pm, we crashed at about midnight. No all nighters anymore as we’re not getting any younger!!

The weather wasn’t amazing for a picnic, though it was still a fun night and one I will always remember!

Infinite x’s & o’s



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