Workshop with Abby Lee & Cast of Dance Moms!

(Three years ago) I was purchasing some new leotards at my local dance shop and I saw they were holding a competition to win tickets to the Abby Lee & Cast of Dance Moms – Perth Master Class. I was a Dance mom’s virgin at the time and was intrigued so I entered. I was very excited to find out later that I had won! It beat the colouring in competition I won when I was 12. And as Abby Lee Miller says ‘winning is everything’.

When I made a Facebook announcement, a lady actually asked if I would like to give my ticket away to her young daughter who was obsessed with dance moms… um NO!! I expected to be the eldest one there but no one was going to rob me of my free ticket!


On the day of the event:

When I presented the ticket, I was given a coloured wristband. There was an opportunity after the workshop to get a photo with Abby and the girls and my coloured wristband was to indicate that I would be in the last group to get my photo taken, as I was one of the last ones to arrive.

All I remember is screaming kids, especially when Abby and the girls came out. If there were any gloss bottles around, I can guarantee you they would have smashed. My ears are still ringing three years later!

I remember the struggle that was the warm up. Put a 23 year old next to a 12 year old, do the same stretches and you’re going to feel like you’re at least 100 years old! But alas, I had fun trying!

The Cast of Dance Moms was full of energy. Mackenzie actually injured herself (nothing major) so we had a bit of a time out while she attended to the injury. We were taught a few steps from Maddie’s award winning solo ‘Amazing Grace’, and we performed it a few times as they picked the best dancers out of the group. When the girls were picked, the rest of us spread out to the sides and Abby asked them to form a line.

She treated it like an audition, tapping the ones on the head who she’d cut for reasons such as being too tall or being too short.

They performed acrobatic tricks, showed off their singing skills, etc, while Abby narrowed it down to just a couple of girls. (I think the remaining girls were given the opportunity to attend a meet & greet with Abby and the girls, I’m not too sure).

We were delighted to watch the girls, Nia, Maddie, Kendall and Mackenzie on the dance floor while we all crowded around. Mackenzie was a stand out to me, I was very impressed with her tumbling skills, she was so small and was this little fire cracker and burst of energy. The girls all danced beautifully.

I did wait 2 hours for a photo afterwards but it was worth it. I was kind of jealous though, not having a mummy or a daddy with me to go out and buy me food while waiting in line. The amount of food smells in the room was making my cravings exceedingly high!

Getting my photo taken with Abby Lee & the girls:


When it came my turn to get a photo, the girls and Abby all looked exhausted, but they were still smiling and acting very professional.

The girls’ photo was separate to a photo with Abby. When I came up to the girls, they all said ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in one perfect unison, you could tell they had done it many, many times.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous to get a photo with Abby but she was very happy, smiley and not as scary as you may think. There were moments during the workshop where she put on her Abby face like you see her on the TV show, but she is definitely a lot nicer off camera.

As I was leaving, I told Abby that she had a lot of fans out there. When I said it, I meant she had a lot of fans worldwide, but she mistook it as me saying there was still a long line of fans left to have a photo and was asking, ‘where are my fans?’ seeming a bit stressed and exhausted. I tried to explain but I was stumbling over my words and I didn’t want to hold up the line. I was kicking myself for that one! I’ve come to the conclusion that I must get over this star struck disease in order for me to act normal in front of a celebrity!

Infinite x’s & o’s



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