My Quarter Life Celebration!

In this blog, I will be backtracking again like I did with the ‘Workshop with Abby Lee & Cast of Dance Mom’s’ blog and going back one year ago to my 25th birthday party (seeming as my 26th is currently creeping around the corner).

There is a thing called a quarter life crises and it DOES exist! I was about to turn a quarter of a century and I found myself trying to piece my life together, make sense out of it… I couldn’t. I felt as though my life was one big shambled mess, too many dead end career paths, unfinished projects, etc. I change my mind like a chameleon changes colour. So I never stuck to one thing and now I am more confused than ever about what I want to accomplish in life… but you get the drift! Basically I had come to the conclusion that I had reached my prime and I was too ‘old’ to start working towards something new again. I know I’m not actually old but I believe there’s a strong difference between ‘being’ old and ‘feeling’ old. As my mum always says ‘wait until you’re my age’!

So I came up with the idea to celebrate my 25th birthday in ‘kids’’ style, to relive my childhood one last time, but with alcohol instead of juice, obviously! I sourced some ideas like I did with my recent Picnic Party and came across a ‘white T-shirt’ theme where you have your guests rock up wearing plan white T’s and everyone draws on each other. I thought this theme sounded really quirky and fun, my one only thing however was if anyone got a little intoxicated and started drawing on my walls or furniture, but fortunately I have well behaved friends… well somewhat well behaved!

Bonus of the white T-shirt theme was I got to keep the shirt as a souvenir, as well as having a bit of a chuckle the next day whilst looking at what my friends had drawn/written on it. The most common art was penises but that was to be expected!

The essentials!!

I had a bunch of fabric markers as well as glow in the dark ones too. I also used A3 size sheets of paper (you can buy all these goodies from Officeworks). My kitchen table turned into the kids’ table where everyone could draw to their hearts desire using normal texters and pens and pencils and what not. Note: it’s always good to have something at your shindig that will occupy your guests and having a theme also worked as a good ice breaker!

Lolly cups!!

2016-04-23 14.25.39

Because I’m a big sweet tooth and I miss the parties where kids’ received a lolly bag as a ‘thanks for coming’ I decided to have my own version of a lolly bag, a lolly cup! I filled a dozen cups with lollypops, celebration chocolates and candy sherbets. I also included a little ‘candy quote’ in each cup that I found on the internet. If you can’t already tell by reading my party blogs, I always have to add a little something extra and out of the ordinary. I also thought of putting a little prize in one of the cups. I decided the prize would be a $1 coin; I wanted it to be something light-hearted and not too much. Because there were lolly cups left over after handing them out and no one had claimed the prize yet, I spoiled my surprise and told everyone about it, which made everyone started hurriedly looking in the cups and tipping them over to find it. Shout out to my friend, Liam who claimed the prize and was $1 richer, I hope he didn’t spend it all in one place!

Gifts!! (I received some beautiful gifts that I wasn’t expecting and had to share!)

2016-04-23 15.51.59

I actually found these just the other day (one year later) whilst cleaning out my spare room. It was all just sitting there looking lonely and forgotten in the corner, collecting dust. I’m still not sure how one can misplace gifts and forget about them! But ALAS I felt like it was my birthday all over again!

I definitely LOVE themed parties. It’s so fun to dress up and go wild! But from having hosted themed parties in the past, I understand that dressing up is not EVERYONE’S thing and that’s totally ok!

If you have a birthday coming and are planning to have a theme but are stuck for ideas, here are some suggestions!

  1. Have your guests wear something plain coloured (white or black), and then dress yourself from head to toe in colour because YOU’RE the birthday girl and you should stand out!
  2. ‘I shouldn’t be here’. Dress in anything but what you would wear to a party, i.e. swimwear, pyjamas, exercise gear, etc. Or you can think outside the box and come with your face half shaven, face mask or hair messy as if you’re getting ready BEFORE the party ayyy!
  3.  ‘Rock & roll/1950s’ I’ll be having this theme for my 26th birthday coming up, and we’re going ROLLerskating, hold the pun! You can go crazy with clothes/accessories from that era or you can go as a character for example, Sandy or Danny from Grease!
  4. ‘The job I will never have’ For example, I would go as a police woman or a doctor because I don’t have a thick skin and blood/violence gives me a weak stomach.
  5. ‘I can’t believe you wore that to my party’ I was almost going to have this theme for my 21st and then again for my 25th. I still plan on having it one day! Kinda similar to the ‘I shouldn’t be here’ theme. You can have fun with it and go completely outrageous!! you can wear your grandparents clothes, etc. Get creative! There is no right and wrong.

Infinite x’s & o’s



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