Going GLAMping

Grab your toiletries and your hair dryer because we’re going GLAMping!

Recently, I packed a suitcase and went on a cute little getaway with my boyfriend to visit his parents down South in Ravensthorpe. Now if you know me, I am generally not a happy camper, however I have done alright since it was now my second time camping under the stars since Christmas. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a princess when it comes to hygiene, toilet paper and make-up wipes are my best camping companion, apart from my boyfriend of course!


I call it GLAMping because we did have access to a toilet, and the benefits of Darcy’s parents living in a caravan was we also had access to a shower, kettle, tap, stove, the essentials, etc. I even got to watch TV, some good old ‘Married at First Sight’. We also had a jerry can and liquid soap by our tent so we could brush our teeth and wash our hands. Our sleeping arrangement was pretty cosy, mattress, doona & pillows, a torch  lantern hanging above us, and the added ear pleasure of the sounds of the waves crashing on the sand mixed with the salty, oceanic smells (we had the view of a lovely beach right in front of us, although it was very cold!!).

There is nothing more therapeutic than sitting around a camp fire with a cold, refreshing drink, also lying in a hammock with a dog on your lap keeping you warm. Fact: fire is my worst fear but I don’t mind camp fires. Darcy’s Dad had me face my fear and throw a log into the fire so I’m a pro now!

Darcy’s parents are the camp hosts and all they really have to do is clean the toilets every now and then, which is a drop toilet. I was honestly shitting myself (hold the pun) about the drop toilet, but you get used to it after a while! Just whatever you do, DON’T LOOK DOWN!! There were times, however where I had no other option but to pee in a bush. And I can proudly announce to ya’ll that I PEED IN A BUSH! (I think this blog has more to do with toilets than camping #toiletfear).

Make sure you bring your camera when going camping because I took pictures galore as you can see! Ravensthorpe recently had some major floods causing a fair bit of damage and trapping Darcy’s parents at their camp site so they weren’t able to go to town to obtain fuel and food; luckily they were able to get hold of some supplies to last them until the roads were restored. The following are some photographs of some of the damage.



I would say that I’m a camper now but I haven’t been REAL camping yet! It was nice though just to get away from the city for a bit and for Darcy to get away from bloody perth drivers DRIVEing him insane (Omg I’m just so PUNny).

Infinite x’s & o’s



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