Dress to impress!

Quote from my friends’ ‘green’ themed 21st on the weekend.

Me: (arriving at the venue with my green tinsel wig, green tutu, ‘wicked – defying gravity’ t-shirt, green sparkly nails by ProfessioNail, and green eye shadow). ‘I really did go all out didn’t I?’

Darcy: ‘Yeah, but that’s YOU’ (and he scored extra boyfriend points for knowing me too well).

Did someone say ‘costume party?’ BEST DRESSED HERE I COME!! (starts planning 2 months or something ridiculous, in advance). Come on, I’m a thespian, what do you expect?

So I thought it would be a fun little trip down memory lane to gather all my dress up photos (this took longer than it should as my computer files are a cluttered mess) and pick out a few faves to include in this blog. You will learn what my go to stores/places are for finding cute and quirky costume bits and bobs. Hopefully, by the end of reading this, your head will be full of buzzing bees because you will have so many ideas! (not literally, ouch!).

LITTLE ZOMBIE GIRL (and this isn’t the dolls’ only appearance)

There’s one particular nightclub which has some great themed events and this is just one of them! Time to get zombiefied! This costume was so easy to put together. I basically just cut up some old Pyjamas, smeared black eye shadow around my eyes and used fake blood which I bought from ‘Party Plus’. Party Plus honestly has everything you will ever need for designing the perfect costume/party! I buy all my accessories from there, they have wigs, stockings, face paint, party supplies, party hire equipment galore! It even has a delivery and pick-up service! Although I’m all about going in-store. I prefer to try things on to see how they fit, or see products in reality.

I used to be OBSESSED with bratz dolls. I remember in Primary School, my group of friends would meet at Recess (morning tea break) and Lunch and sit there for the entire time, playing with our bratz dolls, as 10 year old girls used to do before they introduced technology and iPads. Unfortunately, I cut all my dolls’ hair because I wanted to be a hairdresser (I didn’t realise at the time that dolls’ hair doesn’t grow back!). But I guess it worked in my favour as my sister coated my dolls in fake blood and used them for a Halloween diorama for school, and now my one lonely bratz doll leftover is being used as a freaky lookalike doll for my halloween costumes.


I wore this costume for a studio photo shoot. I bought the entire outfit (minus the shoes and stockings) from ‘Hurly Burly’ costume shop. I first discovered ‘Hurly Burly’ when I modelled for my first photo shoot collaboration. The shop has two floors, on the first floor it’s a mass of costumes/accessories and on the second floor, it’s actually a studio. The shoot was a ‘Renaissance theme’ and it was shot in the studio. The photographer hired out some of their costumes and I was also asked to model in some other outfits as there was talk about my photos being on the cover of costume bags. I regrettably inform you that this did not happen. This could’ve been my claim to fame dammit!

So normally, I would rummage through old dance costumes, see what I have lying around at home and just buy some accessories to dress it up with. But if I’m REALLY feeling like spoiling myself, I will buy a whole outfit. I’ve hired a couple of outfits before but once I’ve worn the outfit and made memories in it, I can’t seem to part with it!

I wore two different outfits as you can see in the pictures above. On the left is the costume I bought from ‘Hurly Burly’. I had a choice out of the typical pink and white school girl outfit, or this trendy hot pink, black and purple ensemble. I paired it with some purple suspenders, purple harry potter glasses (as long as it looks the part of a school girl, it doesn’t matter if it’s harry potter, it’s all about improvising to me), and black lacy stockings and black suspenders that I bought from Bras N Things. ‘Hurly Burly’ actually shared one of my images on their Facebook page, so that was pretty exciting!

For my second outfit, I destroyed my plain white collar shirt by gluing pieces of coloured confetti to look like letters and numbers. I bought the bag of confetti from ‘Riot Art & Craft’, which is another one of my go to places for buying craft supplies like fabric glue, paints, all things glitter, etc.

THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR (I’m hungry all of a sudden!)

I wore this out to my friends’ 21st themed ‘Favourite character or book from your childhood’. I loved reading the children’s book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ when I was younger. If you haven’t read it, you should be ashamed!! Basically it’s about a very hungry caterpillar (nah duh!) and I’ll leave you with the suspense. READ THE BOOK!

As you can see, I stuck pieces of food on my top. I ordered a large sheet of white fabric off ebay, which had the same sketches of food as in the book. I also wrote ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ in gold glitter. I bought the tutu from Party Plus, I also have the same tutu in black and red (warning, they are see through so please wear stockings or shorts underneath ladies!). And the stockings I believe were also from Party Plus.

As you can see on the photo on the right, I literally WAS one VERY hungry caterpillar.

ABC (Anything But Clothes)


This theme can really bring out your creative side! ABC can be a tricky one but an intriguing one (also a cheap one)! It’s always exciting to see what people come up with, like my best friend in this photo for instance… who would’ve thought of wrapping yourself up in a glow stick rainbow?

Sometimes my ideas come from an accessory I own and I start thinking about what I could go as based on that accessory. I had two cute little pink cupcake clips so I decided to be a cupcake! And because I couldn’t wear clothes, I simply grabbed a bin bag, cut it, wrapped it and WA LA a dress! I bought the cupcake cut outs from ‘Riot Art & Craft’ and decorated them with glitter and paint. I can’t remember if I glued them or stapled them on, but it can work either way. (This photo was from a while ago, hence the hair colour change!). I do remember people taking them off me (we were at a night club after all). Unfortunately, only two cupcakes survived!

BROKEN DOLL (featuring the same doll, it’s just now a little… broken)

Broken Doll
Broken Doll


I saved a screenshot of a text conversation I had with my mum about the doll:

Me: ‘I put the cherries on the wrong way so I turned her head around’ (dolls’ dress had little cherries on it).

Mum: ‘That is a very weird message’

And it was weird indeed, walking around the city dressed as a Broken Doll with crazy face paint and an even more crazy outfit. It was for a photo shoot. I used an old dance costume that I wore when I was 12 and played an ‘Orphan’ in a dance number ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ from the movie, ‘Annie’. (when I was little, I did ‘Annie’ and ‘Cats’ to death at my dance school). I also cut a little piece out of the costume so I could make a dress for my doll. I paired my outfit with stockings, old pointe shoes and a pair of white socks which had cherries on them.

I spent about an hour in a public bathroom painting my face. I used black eyeliner for the cracks, and white face paint and sponges which the Photographer supplied. I went off some inspo make-up pics I found off Google. It kept me amused seeing the different reactions of people who walked in. Some surprised, some intrigued, some asked me what I was doing, and others didn’t take notice at all.

At one point, I was on pointe ayyy see what I did there! (in non dance speak, I was basically on my tippy toes), and pretending to talk on the phone in a telephone booth. This acquired an audience, and I’m talking legit! People actually stopped to watch as if I were busking/entertaining. It was definitely an interesting experience but loads of fun!

We also stole a trolley from a Woolworths nearby, as you can see!

And there you have it folks! You are now ready to get to work on making that costume bedazzle!

Infinite x’s & o’s



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